Romantic Morning Wedding Dresses

Weddings are a big deal and when it comes to choosing a bridal dress, every woman would want it to be perfect in all respects. However, often we make the mistake of choosing a morning dress wedding that we like. There is nothing wrong is choosing a dress you like, if you are aware of how it is going to sit in your body.

Let us face it – it is your wedding day and you will be constantly smiling at the flashing cameras that just cannot seem to get enough of you. And needless to say, every woman wants to look her best on the most special day of her life. So while it is important to take your preferences into concern, it is more crucial to select the dress that is best suited to your body type. Here is a look at some of the popular bridal gowns and what they accentuate best:

A-Line Gowns
These are best for people who have broad shoulders and a good bust to show off, but are put down by their protruding tummy. Since A-line dresses have no marked area for waist and the whole dress flows down like a flared skirt, it is a good investment for people who want to show their well toned arms and shoulder, but want to tuck in that tummy.

Ball Gowns

Every girl who has ever been fond of Cinderella has dreamt of having such a gown for her wedding. These gowns are both short and long sleeved and sometimes, even sleeveless. People who have petite waists are ideal for this gown as it accentuates that part and hides the hips and thighs under a lot of frills.

Empire Gowns

These have a raised waistline and start right below the bust. They have a moderate hold over the waist and then flow down as a skirt. It is the best choice for women who want their bust to look fuller. It should be noted that these wedding dresses look better on women who have lithe figures.

Mermaid Gowns

As the name itself indicates, these gowns give the illusion of a mermaid by being completely figure hugging till the waist and start flowing around from the knees into a layered skirt style. This is one of the most sensuous types of gowns; however, only very confident women can carry it with elan.

Apart from the type of gown, another important thing to be chosen is the sleeves. A variety of sleeves like bell, poet, spaghetti, cap, Juliet, and many more are available. But the thing to keep in mind while choosing the sleeves for your wedding dress is – how well your arms and toned and how much of it you want to expose.

Brides with extremely tones arms can go sleeveless or for the cap look. If you are not too confident about your arms, going for a long sleeved look like Juliet is a good option. At the end of the day, it is your body and you have the best idea about what looks good on you.

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