Morning Dress Code Policies In The Workplace

First of all, there is absolutely no requirement for federal morning dress code. It is up to the employer alone to decide how employees should dress, as long as the policies are not discriminatory. Morning dress code policies do not allow discrimination against any race, race, religion, disability or another state that is protected by any federal employee. Having said that, it is advisable to avoid strict and very restrictive rules to avoid resentment, negativity or possible legal actions.

Clothing related to:

Gender: Policies should not be the same for both sexes since gender norms are reasonable for the business environment. The best practices are to avoid dress requirements that differ by sex. For example, instead of implementing a policy that requires skirts for women or necks ties for men

Race: if the morning dress code policy has an unequal effect on a particular race against another race, it will be a form of racial discrimination. The dress and eviction requirements may conflict with federal civil rights if they adversely affect a class of protected personnel. The best practices are to avoid certain practices of dress and care and to allow policy alternatives.

Tattoos and body piercing: with respect to physical art, the employer may impose different standards for different categories of employees, but not for different categories. For example, an employer may prohibit visible tattoos and pierce for employees who come face to face with clients, as long as the employer applies uniform standards to all employees in this class, in the absence of religious adaptations.

Effective practice

In summary, the employer has a legitimate commercial interest in providing a « reasonably professional » and « secure » workforce. Therefore, the employer can implement grooming and clothing policies to protect these interests. We propose that rules be established for substantive criteria, such as job security and professional image, and to include a statement in the personnel manual that reaffirms that the non-profit organization will make every effort to adapt to the religious beliefs of the personal.

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