How to rock in semi formal morning dress ?

A semi formal morning dress is an outfit that is dressier than official wear but not dressy as an evening wear.
When dressing in semi-formal morning dress, a tuxedo is not necessary but you need to be formal. Wearing a suit jacket matched with dress pants really brings out the meaning of semi-formal morning dress.
How to make your suit stand out.

You need to get a tailored suit that suits you well and fit.


The color of the semi formal dress code differs as it requires light tone suits for daytime. The best colors are beige, cream or tan, while for the evening events rock in darker colors like navy, black or dark grey.

What about shirts

You should put on a crisp button-up shirt under the suit jacket. The shirt should be properly tacked in and it should not be shouting colors as this distracts your polished look.
Tuxedos aren’t meant for a semi-formal event as they seem dressy. They should be put on for formal events.

Accessories for your outfit

You can decide on whether to put on a tie or not for the semi-casual morning dress code. But you can decide to wear one if you feel being fancier. The tie should not be thin and not be shouting.
The color of the belt to put on depends on the color of the suit, beige or cream suits matches with brown belts and dark ones go well with black belts.

Crown your semi-formal morning dress with the suede, leather or velvet dress shoes. The shoe color depends on the color of the suit.

If you have to put on accessories, consider putting on a simple watch or a pocket square. Don’t put on flashy jewelry.
Jeans and khakis area no, no for semi formal morning dress, don’t total put them on.
Polo shirts.
This should never be considered for a semi-formal morning dress as they should never be put on neither should you think of wearing a sports jacket or blazer in place of a suit jacket.

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